Priscilla Amodeo

I am a Mom of 4 wonderful children. All 4 of my babies have attended Precious Moments. It started 13 years ago with my oldest, Bella. I was young and terrified to leave her anywhere, but I had to go back to work. Choosing Precious Moments was the best decision I made. Dawn and all the teachers and staff took such wonderful care of her, that she would cry when it was time to leave. Bella went there through nursery school, as did her brother. Fast forward 9 years and my 2 little girls, Olivia & Julia, now attend Precious Moments. I get the same response from Olivia that I did from Bella years earlier- she loves it there, cries on the weekends to go and never wants to leave at the end of the day. She is learning so much, comes home singing new songs, identifying letters and is so proud to show off her artwork and crafts. She even potty trained there over the summer in their summer camp program. (I tried myself for months and she just wouldn’t do it). The infant room, where my youngest Julia is during the day is full of love and fun! The classrooms are clean, bright, colorful and the kids love it. The teachers and staff are very attentive, involved and keep in touch throughout the day. They are kind, helpful and deeply loved by my babies. My children’s love for Precious Moments over the last 13 years, says it all!! I wouldn’t want them anywhere else!

Nicole Indiviglio

This is our third year at Precious Moments with a 3-year-old and a 6 month old. Our 3-year-old has loved her teachers each year and they have truly helped her come out of her shell and enjoy attending school. We have been impressed with what she comes home knowing and appreciate all the activities, crafts, and special days she gets to be a part of; water day during the summer camp is a favorite! In 3K the teachers have had constant communication about curriculum, progress, and support in potty training. We know our children are well taken care of at Precious Moments, all the staff and teachers are happy to help and take the time to get to know the children even if they are not in their class!

Erin Boffoli

We cannot say enough about how grateful we are for Precious Moments! Our daughter has been going there since she was 8 months old (she is 20 months old now) and we could not be happier with the decision we made to choose this daycare. The amount she is learning and the social skills that she is obtaining has been nothing short of amazing – and it is all thanks to the incredible staff and teachers that she is with all day. The staff at PM makes you feel that you are leaving your child with a family member and that reassurance that your child is safe, happy, and loved is invaluable. We are so thankful for Precious Moments and we are looking forward to seeing how much more our daughter is going to learn and grow there as the years progress. THANK YOU PRECIOUS MOMENTS!

Stratigos Family

I am writing to let you know what a fabulous daycare service you run. It’s always hard to leave your baby in the care of others but the staff here feels more like an extended family. My daughter is happy and well cared for. She is also learning so much so she will be even more prepared for school as she gets older. I am so thankful and appreciative of the wonderful staff. This was the best decision I could have made for my family.

Delligatti Family

Working full time and leaving your child at daycare brings so much guilt especially if you are leaving your baby after maternity leave. My son (now 12 years old) used to attend Precious Moments After School, so when I called to register and heard Dawn’s voice it brought my heart to ease knowing that my baby will be safe and in good hands. The Staff is amazing. My daughter is going to be 1 year old and has been attending since she was 4 months old. She gets so happy when I drop her off in the morning. I love Precious Moments and the love they give my daughter.

Gayla Jacobson

When we found Precious Moments years ago and decided to enroll our oldest in the 3k classroom Ms. Dawn told us that Precious was a family. I am thrilled to say that we’ve now had three kids enrolled there, from the baby room to Pre-K, and what she said is true. We’ve loved all the teachers and our kids have thrived- moving on to NYC gifted and talented programs in kindergarten. We loved it so much we even sent them back for summer camp! It’s no small thing to trust your children with someone, and I can’t recommend Precious enough.

The Sawinski Family

Leaving your child in the care of someone else is never an easy task, especially in the height of a global pandemic. However, choosing Precious Moments was the best decision we could have made for our daughter. Dawn and her entire staff have been amazing from day one and have made us feel comfortable that our daughter is not only safe, but is also well cared for, playing, growing, and learning every day. Our 2 year old daughter absolutely loves going “to school,” will always ask for her teachers and friends, and looks forward to going back the next day. If you are looking for a great daycare, look no further!

The Negron Family

“Due to the current COVID-19 world that we are currently living in, we were hesitant at first to send our child to Pre-K . As time passed we are happy that we made the correct decision of sending our daughter to Precious Moments.

From day one the staff and teachers have been very communicative with the parents. They also go above and beyond CDC guidelines to keep our child and others safe. Our child has learned a great deal and it’s due in part to the experienced teachers and staff at Precious Moments.

We would recommend Precious Moments to anyone looking to send their child to a school with small class sizes, excellent staff and teachers, safety first environment and family like atmosphere. We would have wished that a 3K class was available for our second daughter.”

The Marisenoj Family

“During such a difficult year, the one thing we could always rely on was the experience Precious Moments was able to provide our daughter. Precious moments provided a wonderful, caring, family-like environment, where kids thrive! With my daughter in Pre-K and my son in daycare, it truly is a family experience. We feel so comfortable knowing our babies are in great hands!”

The Amaya Family

“I like Precious Moment because they help our kids to learn more and the education they teach them. I also like them because they teach our kids to be better people. I love the protocol they have during COVID-19. I recommend Precious Moment because it is a great place for our kids. The education is so good and the people are amazing!”

Patricia Amodeo-Sauer

“Finding a place for your child is often very difficult. You worry about their happiness, their safety and their development.  Precious Moments has been the best choice my husband and I ever made for our daughter.  She loves going to her “school” seeing her friends and learning new things.  The teachers there are warm, caring and compassionate.  Everyday my daughter comes home and has learned something new, from her ABC’s, to singing ‘The Wheels on the Bus,’ to writing and coloring.

It’s very comforting to know my child is well cared for and happy.  Precious Moments and all the teachers have become a second home and family to my daughter.   Precious Moments has become a place where my daughter loves to go and hates to leave and that is more than I could ever ask for!!!”

Meri Triades

“My 3-year old son has been receiving early intervention services.  He has made considerable progress in both receptive and expressive language skills.  In the fall, he will be entering an integrated preschool program.  His time at Precious Moments nursery school has been invaluable in advancing his social interactions with children his own age and his pragmatic language skills.  I am confident that this will facilitate his adjustment to his preschool placement.”

Karen Lewandowski

“From potty training to preparing for kindergarten we have grown so much with everyone over the years in Precious Moments.  Dawn D’agostino Posporelis, Director of Precious Moments, has held my hand every step of the way from Day Care, to Preschool, Summer Camp and now After School.   Dawn and her wonderful staff have made everyday comforting, fun, and always learning so many things, most importantly as well worry free for me, I was able to leave my son and go to work with a clear head.

Alex started Precious Moments when he was 2 1/2.   Leaving my son in Precious Moments all day I had complete confidence and never had any worries when leaving to go to work.  Ms. Jenn and Ms. Jo always went above and beyond seeing to the needs of ALL the kids.  The care and love they showed gave me the comfort in knowing I made the right choice every day.  Alex is as comfortable in Precious Moments as he is in his own home.”

Jessie Zheng

“I want to write and thank you Precious Moments Day Care in providing the door-to-door pick-up and drop-off bus service.  I have entrusted my son and daughter with Tony, the bus driver for more than two years now to bring them from home to school and school to home safely each and every day.  Tony has become a family member to them, you should see the smiles on their faces every morning when they see Tony.  Thank you once again for making my life as a working mom much easier by providing excellent service along with excellent staff.  I greatly appreciate the dedication and reliability of everyone at Precious Moments Day Care.”

Susan Timmons

“My son, 5 years, and daughter, 3 years, have been attending Precious Moments daycare since they were four months old. The staff provides a nurturing and educational environment for the children in their care. My children are happy to go there in the morning and are happy when I see them in the evening. My son also attended Pre-K at Precious Moments and is now well prepared for Kindergarten in September, as he now knows his numbers, letters and can read quite a range of words. My experience with Precious Moments since 2008 has been extremely positive and I am happy to ( and already have) recommend it to other parents.”

Arlene LaVerdi

“My twins have gone to Precious Moments since they were 5 months old. There have always been well taken care of and well supervised. The teachers are wonderful and very caring. They enjoy the time that they are there and look forward to going everyday. They have structured program and they are learning a lot. They will remain in their program until they start kindergarten in September 2014.”

Nubia P. Castano

“Precious Moments has been very accommodating to our schedules and to the needs of my children. There is ample space for the children to play and learn.  It is not easy to leave young children in the hands of a stranger but in Precious Moments I have felt the comfort that my children are going to be taken care of while I am at work and peace of mind is a wonderful thing.”

Joanna Brown

“My daughter has attended the Precious Moments After School and Summer Camp programs for almost three years now. It is a comfortable, clean and safe environment with a friendly and welcoming staff.  There are many indoor and outdoor activities for the children to engage in throughout the year.  They assist with homework, provide snacks and provide a wonderful level of service.  When my child is there I am confident that she is in good hands.  I would recommend Precious Moments to anyone.”

Tonya Flowers-Shua

“Our daughter Stella, who is 20 months old, has been attending Precious Moments Day Care since she was 3 months old. As parents, we all wish that we would not need the services of a day care for our children but the reality is that some of us do and subsequently we are faced with the ever so important decision of finding a facility that will provide the love and care that they deserve, and gives us parents the peace of mind knowing that while we are away from them that they are being loved, that they are safe and secure and are learning to interact with other children of the same age group which is so important. Precious Moments has more than met our expectations in these areas and I feel very fortunate to have had Stella at Precious Moments. She loves the teachers that she has had and I cannot thank the staff enough at Precious Moments for the love and care they have provided not only for my daughter but for all the children they care for.”

Dana Hardy

“Precious Moments is a wonderful day care. The staff is caring and professional. My son is learning so much and having so much fun, he loves  going everyday. I highly recommend Precious Moments.”


“My daughter has been going to Precious Moments for almost 2 years now. I am so comfortable with the staff and facility that when I moved further away from the school, I kept her there. The facility is clean and the children are friendly. The staff and director Dawn do not just do a ”job” but go above and beyond for the care and happiness of the children. I would recommend using them to everyone as I would not send her anywhere else. The Summer and After School programs are outstanding, I use them for my older children as well. My daughter always has a great time and loves going. If you are an uneasy parent leaving your children with people Precious Moments will ease your feelings the first day, as they did mine!”