Private Tutoring Maspeth Whitestone QueensHelp Your Child Build Confidence

Private tutoring is a great solution for children who have trouble completing their homework quickly or efficiently.

We can help your child overcome frustrations and build confidence so they will freely ask questions and seek clarifications without being too shy or embarrassed to speak up in front of their classmates.

A certified teacher or college student will sit with your child privately in a new quiet environment to assist each student at his or her pace, providing continual encouragement and positive re-enforcement.

Our aim is to nurture an interest in learning and problem solving early on so your child is kept engaged and motivated to learn for a lifetime!

Our program includes help with homework, study skills, reading comprehension, memorizing techniques and test taking tools.

Tutoring is available for children 5 to 10 years of age, in either private or semi-private sessions.