Nursery School Whitestone Maspeth Queens NYExploring and Learning

Through play children experiment, investigate, and learn skills that are critical to future academic success.  Acting out scenes from family life, expressing themselves through art, music, and dance, and exploring the natural world, they are learning to cooperative positively in a group setting.

Our students have many opportunities for creative play in professionally designed classrooms, playrooms, and outdoor play spaces.

Encouraging Curiousity

Our program provides a routine, the anchor that children need, with enough flexibility to encourage their naturally curious natures.

As students progress throughout the school year they gain a sense of autonomy, a confidence in their own abilities, and a sense of freedom.

We are there for our students to help them learn how to resolve conflict in a verbal manner and how to approach other children in a positive, altruistic manner.

As children learn to separate from their parents for short periods of time, we’re there with tissues for moms and dads, too.

Classroom Centers

Offering a variety of activities for your child to explore and learn:

  • Blocks/Building
  • Art/Music/Dance
  • Indoor Playroom
  • Outdoor Playground (Maspeth only)
  • Library/Listening
  • Kitchen/Dramatic Play
  • Sand/Water
  • Science/Math/Manipulative
  • Technology, including computers and i-Pads